East Coast Excavation is a full-service excavation company that has been serving southern Maine since 1989. With over 25 years of experience in the excavation industry, we provide a wide range of ground work services for your home or business.

No matter what your excavation needs, East Coast Excavation is a resource that you can count on! East Coast Excavation firmly believes in accurately and efficiently completing each job that we start. We use the proper materials and prepare each site with precision. Since opening, we have addressed a variety of problems, including the correction of improper site drainage, resulting in a wet basement.

Furthermore, we take care of tree stumps and other buried debris that may, over time, decompose and compromise soil stability and the effectiveness of drainage systems. Homeowners often do not realize that they need excavation services until the items in question have already become a problem, due to the fact that most of the debris and tree stumps that need to be cleared are located beneath a layer of topsoil or landscaping.

Our services have been refined and tested over the last 25 years. Through our experience, we have created excavation procedures that effectively remove problem items and result in satisfied customers. Please call us for a free estimate.